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What is a Mystic Cat? 

Mystic Cat is a cat that was once a normal cat who got promoted by the Lord of All Mystics... and now is a Mystic! Mystic Cats are unkillable. 

Meet The Lord of all Mystics. This Mystic Cat is the head of all the breeds of Mystic. The Lord of All Mystics was born in the Pistol Star (the biggest star in the Milky Way Galaxy). 

Duties: Keep all the Mystics safe. Attend the promotion of every new Mystic. Sit in the Mystic Throne. 

Likes: Fancy Feast Cat Food (with salt)

Dislikes: DOGS!


Feather Mystic was a former Lord of all Mystics, but...there was one before Feather Mystic! His name was...WILDFIRE. 

Wildfire is the most powerful Lord of all Mystics to ever exist.

But there is one exception: the Lord of All Mystics before Wildfire (coming soon) was so powerful that he invented the flow of all Time. 


The Mystic Promotion Ceremony. 

At the Mystic Promotion Ceremony, the Lord of All Mystics and the newest created Mystic come to power the genie bottle, so the new Mystic can be promoted. 

In this picture, the Lord of All Mystics and Ocelot Mystic attend the promotion ceremony of Valentine's Mystic!

Very rarely, one mystic can become two. And once EVER, it can become three. Valentine's Mystic is three cats in one!


Meet ALL the Current Mystics:

(Top Row) Valentine's Mystic, Ocelot Mystic, Spraypaint Mystic. 

(Second Row) Lord of all Mystics, MYSTIC Mystic, Holy Mystic, Thunderstorm

(Third Row) Lord of All Mystic's Kitten, St. Patrick's Mystic (and kitten), Peppermystic, Thanksgiving Mystic, Wildfire

(Bottom Row) MMP Mystic, Night Storm, Feather Mystic (aka the former Lord of All Mystics), Night Storm II, MMP Mystic II

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